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Benefits of Offering Tax Preparation

Increases Revenue

Historically the 1st quarter of each year is the slowest period of the year for finance companies and many other small businesses. Tax preparation provides you the ability to increase revenue during the 1st quarter by as much as $50,000 or more per store location.

Increases Employee Loyalty

By offering a bonus program based on tax preparation production, employees will earn more during the off-peak season. Overall production increases as their personal ability to earn increases. Obviously, the more employees earn the more loyal they become to the company.

Increases Ability To Collect

You will print each tax customer's check in your office. Arrangements can be made to collect past due accounts or even recover charged-off accounts.

Increases Core Business

You will create new customer office traffic providing you the opportunity to gain accounts in your core business.

Increases Customer Loyalty

Customers appreciate the ability to “one stop shop". The more quality services you offer the more loyal your customers will become.

Increases Company Value

The value of your company will increase as your tax preparation business becomes more productive.

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Increases Revenue, Employee Loyalty, Ability To Collect, Core Business, Customer Loyalty, and Company Value.

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